Spawna Skatin’ #540

She’ll block…she’ll roll…she’ll steal your soul

Join date?
March 2006
First bout?
Best position?
Blocker #2 and jammer
What brought you to DDR?
I just love skating!
What keeps your wheels turning?
Hanging out with other strong, athletic women!
What is your most embarrassing Derby moment?
Don't have one...yet
What is your proudest Derby moment?
Scoring the winning points in Dutchland's very first bout!
DDR Awards/ Fan Favorite Awards:
I was retired for a year and a half, check in with me at this time next year!
Got any injury stories?
Nothing serious, just an ankle strain
Derby props?
Skates: Riedell
Wheels: Atom poison
Protective Gear: Scabs
Must have’s: Lipstick
Send out some heart-felt Derby love to your peeps...
Thanks to my family who encouraged me to come back to derby, and my derby sisters who welcomed me back with open arms and continue to encourage me to do my best!