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Belle Fast Bomber #M80

Belle Fast Bomber

A feisty redhead with a short fuse.

Join Date?
June 2006
First bout?
Slamrock, March 2007
Best position?
Previously blocker #1 or #2, but now I work behind the scenes
Favorite Colors?
Black & Blue
Favorite Band?
Many different bands for many different moods.
My fellow derby divas, beer you can't see through, all things shiny & sparkly, fridge magnets, strappy heels, caffeine, sleeping in, adventures & road trips.
Working too much & playing too little, popped collars, sitting still & being quiet, idiot drivers, my alarm, dislocating things.
“You'll be fine, just put some alcohol on it.”
Important Facts About Yourself?
I only look sweet & innocent. I run with scissors and take candy from strangers. I have a freakish fear of monkeys.
Greatest Accomplishment?
I can do the splits on skates.
Biggest Weaknesses?
Temptation, guys with dimples & gravity.