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Jo Clocker #302’d

Join date?
July 20, 2008
First bout?
Morristown 2009
Best position?
What brought you to DDR?
I can remember it was a couple years ago, Fuji and Hillbilly were on 105.7X and also saw Ace of Cakes on the Food Network did a big rollerskate cake for Charm City. Looked online for DDR and signed up!
What keeps your wheels turning?
A personal goal to channel my inner Treasure & inner Hillbilly.
What is your most embarrassing Derby moment?
Chit pulled my skort down during a scimmage.
What is your proudest Derby moment?
Morristown bout, one of the last jams, I layed out the jammer in front of EVERYBODY!
Got any injury stories?
I got smacked in the face with Leah Loveless’s helmet. Got a black eye.
Impress us with your skating skills…
I’m proud to announce that I can NOW skate backwards.
Derby Props?
Skates: Antiques from 1994, they have never let me down
Wheels: Pushers and Fugatives
Protective Gear: Rollerblades pads and Ironfist Helmet
Must haves: Knee-high socks with extra padding on the bottom.
Send out some heart-felt Derby love to your peeps…
To Shrapnel, she’s been my friend since the 9th grade. To my son whom I love with all my heart. He will be the next generation of Derby Boys!