K-T Boundary #65

K-T Boundary

Photo by Juan Paden

The marker of mass extinction.

Join Date?
July 28, 2008
First Bout?
Sep ’09 bout against Philly Roller Girls’ Independence Dolls
What positions do you normally play/like to play?
What do you love about Dutchland?
Our loyalty and responsibility to one another as a league and as teammates
Favorite Roller Derby moment?
That one time I got engaged between games
Most embarrassing Roller Derby moment?
Roller derby is an excuse to do things that would otherwise be considered embarrassing and laugh it off. There is no such thing as an embarrassing roller derby moment.
What is one piece of advice you could give to newer girls or those who are thinking about joining Roller Derby?
If you want it, you can have it. There may be a large learning curve or you may have innate talent, but you will only be as good as the work you put in. Keep pulling yourself up after each fall. Keep pushing the pack forward. Twenty feet isn't that far, and you can do anything for two minutes. Dance and communicate with your friends, because you're better together. You can't do everything, but that's why you have buddies. Trust that they want to succeed as much as you do. Listen to your body. Roller derby will teach you things about your body and emotional state that you never thought to consider, so take the time to learn. Most importantly, breathe. Breathing helps everything.
What is one thing that Roller Derby/Dutchland helped you achieve?
A much calmer character and an ability to not sweat the small stuff
What has Roller Derby taught you?
An understanding of my personal limitations and tools to overcome each one as they have come up
Anything you'd like to say to your adoring fans?
Thanks for coming out to watch us play. If it wasn't for you it would be much more difficult for us do any of this.