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Krystle Method #211

Krystle Method

Photo by Mutha Medusa

The habit that just can’t quit!

Join date?
August 2009
First Bout?
May 15, 2010 - Dutchland Blitz vs. Connecticut Rollergirls, The Yankee Brutals
Best position?
What brought you to DDR?
I hate working out and I was looking for a sport to play that wouldn’t be boring. I bought a pair of cheap roller skates and started skating outside. A friend of mine suggested that I join roller derby. I went to watch one practice and fell in love!
What keeps your wheels turning?
Being able to do thing I never though I could do and seeing myself constantly improve.
What is your most embarrassing Derby moment?
Nothing too terribly embarrassing has happened YET! A couple sweet face plants here and there and some terrible falls!
What is your proudest Derby moment?
Skating my first bout with Blitz, it was awesome!
Got any injury stories?
I’ve had a couple of small injuries (cracked tailbone, taking a skate to the shin and ankle, rink rash…) but I love coming into my job and showing my co-workers my “battle scars!”
Impress us with your skating skills…
My main goal is to learn “Thriller” on my skates. It will happen!
Derby Props?
Skates: Ridell R3
Wheels: Lime Green & Hot Pink Sure-Grip Fugitives
Protective Gear: Scabs knee pads and elbow pads, Tripple 8 wrist guards and helmet (decorated with some sweet stickers!)
Must haves: WATER, fishnets, booty shorts.
Send out some heart-felt Derby love to your peeps…
I love my team! Thanks ladies for your constant support and encouragement. Mr. Method, thanks for your help at every bout and all the wisdom that you enlighten me with. OH and when I first started, letting me practice my hits on you! You keep me grounded! Mama and Papa Method, thanks for everything! (Dad, it’s not a girly girl sport… you should be so proud!) All of the fans that support us, you guys are great!