Leg of Slamb #32

Leg of Slamb

Photo courtesy Scott Johnson Photography

“Pow! Right in the kisser!”

Join Date?
June 2010
First bout?
Best position?
I'm working on my jamming! I also will play blocker 2 or 3.
What brought you to DDR?
My wonderful friend since high school, Jolene Jawbreaker. I always loved coming to watch her bouts. It took me about 2 years to get the balls to try out but I love it now! Glad I finally gave in.
What keeps your wheels turning?
Tons of support from all of my teammates, pushing myself through the end of each practice and seeing my skating and derby-playing skills improve all the time keeps my wheels turning! And seeing the after effects of the best workout anyone could ask for.. Hello, derby-butt!
What is your most embarrassing derby moment?
Luckily I don't have a most embarassing derby moment just yet..
What is your proudest derby moment?
Getting lead jammer in my first bout! I didn't know it happened until later that night but it felt great either way!
Got any injury stories?
No injuries have been too serious to have stories behind them.. Just bruised hips and tendonitis in my shoulder(s)..
Impress us with your skating skillz...
I'm working hard every time I put on my skates to get better and improve in any aspect that I can..
DDR Awards/ Fan Favorite Awards?
I recieved the Tot Teamwork award this year at our Derbutante Ball!
Derby Props?
Skates: Riedell R3 (soon upgrading!)
Wheels: Atom Omega
Protective Gear: Scabs, Triple 8 and Protec
Must-Haves: My knees can't live without horseshoes under my pads anymore.. Derby Skinz, lots of water and support from my family and friends. And there's always room for fun!
Send out some heartfelt derby love to your peeps..
Big thanks to everyone who support me and help push me to push myself and to do my best at all times!