Megan Whoopie #3.14

Megan Whoopie

Photo courtesy Scott Johnson Photography

“Another season, another reason… to hurt you!”

Join Date?
August, 2008
First bout?
Home bout, April 25,2009 at home against Mason Dixon.
Best position?
Blocker, in the back.
What brought you to DDR?
I had heard about derby and seen the flyers, but hadn’t yet made it to a bout. Then, I chatted with some of the girls at the DDR booth at the Chameleon’s Punk Rock Flea Market One of them said, “You should try out!” Wo! I had never even considered that option! But it must’ve planted a seed, because a year later, that crazy idea came back into my head. I tried out on a whim and thought “Hey, I can do this!”
What keeps your wheels turning?
The incredible sisterhood which exists in derby. We laugh, fight, party, dance, push one another, encourage each other, be silly, be angry, help one another through tragedy and celebrate at each other’s weddings. The least of my derby friends is still part of my family, and we’d go out of our way for one another.
What is your most embarrassing derby moment?
Luckily, I’m not easily embarrassed! Falling on my face, butt, or tripping over nothing is part of the game.
What is your proudest derby moment?
I get a HUGE rush whenever we slap hands of the crowd at the end of the bout, win or lose. Our fans are always so supportive. I also beam with pride in DDR when I see us as victors or losers hugging and taking team photos with the other team. That makes me so proud to be a part of such a classy organization, and a classy real sport.
Got any injury stories?
Strained my hamstring and pulled my MCLs in both knees. When I finally broke down and saw a physical therapist for each , my legs felt better than before my injuries, and I realized how to skate better—and better for my body.
Impress us with your skating skillz…
I’m told I have a mean hook and push.
Derby Props?
Skates: Riedell
Wheels: Atom Jukes
Protective Gear: Skabs gaskets & kneepads all the way. Also McDavid HexPad roller derby shorts
Must-Haves: Clif Bars, Ginseng extract, & coconut water
Send out some heartfelt derby love to your peeps…
Thank you to my parents and husband (Mr. Whoopie) who went from being unsure of what the heck this thing was to being super-fans in one bout! And to everyone who keeps DDR rolling from behind-the-scenes. There are a lot of girls who put in a lot of hours so I can have this much fun.