Merry Khaos #1918

Join Date?
I began skating in August 2009 for Harrisburg Area Roller Derby. I transferred to Dutchland in July 2012.
What brought you to DDR?
Coming to Dutchland has been amazing for me. My love for the sport and for improvement has been rekindled and I am competing at a level I had only dreamed of previously. I am surrounded by skaters whom I love and respect more than I can even explain, and who have accepted me into their league without question.
What's your sports background?
I grew up playing softball where I was forced to move positions a lot and found that I love being a utility player. There's something awesome about knowing that your team can use you for pivot, jammer, offense or defense.
What keeps your wheels turning?
Roller derby is a challenge unlike anything else. When a person is challenged, when they are forced out of their comfort zone - that is when they grow. Over the course of three and a half years, I have fought through poor fitness, injury, depression, bullying and the mental challenge of the game. I have learned more about myself through roller derby than in anything else. Some may say that life sparked them to change and play roller derby - I say that roller derby sparked me to change my life.
What's your favorite derby moment?
It is tough to pinpoint one 'favorite' derby moment - I have done so much over the last 3.5 years! ECDX, Rollercon, teaching boot camps, skating with some of the greatest in the world. Though - scoring a 30 point jam my first time wearing the star in orange and black (and only my second time on the floor) was pretty awesome.
What is your most embarrassing derby moment?
You can't embarrass me! I'm an actor and I play roller derby!
What are you looking forward to in 2013?
Going to Spring Roll this season is going to be amazing, especially since we'll be playing other Division 1 teams. I'm also super excited to skate against River City and Dominion. I know many of those girls from skating against them previously, and I love them.
What advice could you give to someone who's interested in joining roller derby?
I could give lots of advice! One big thing is: Roller derby will give you back what you put in, so be honest with yourself about your effort. If you quit when it gets hard, or if you can't push through when it starts getting rough - you are going to have a hard time excelling. However, if you embrace the pain, push like there are only 5 seconds left in the jam and it's up to you to score the last 4 points to win - if you work hard, feed your body right and turn off the fear and the doubt - no one will be able to stop you.

Derby, and Dutchland, have helped me truly understand who I am. I have found the strength and the confidence to go back to school and to pursue a career in health and wellness. I would not have done that five years ago. I have rediscovered the competitive athlete of my teens: the one who keeps going regardless of pain or lack of oxygen. The nutrition, the workouts, the cross training - I have learned how to develop the most awesome me possible thanks to derby.