Nash Villain #6021

Nash Villian

Photo by Mutha Medusa

“I sold my soul to the devil and then I stole it back.”

Join Date?
September 2009
First Bout?
I started derby in February of 2006. My first bout with Dutchland was in 2009 vs. River City.
Best Position?
Jammer, offensive Blocker… I don’t know. I’ll play wherever and do my best at it!
What brought you to DDR?
A team with sound infrastructure and copious amounts of potential is what brought me to DDR. The people involved with the league, and their drive to get things done is awesome.
What keeps your wheels turning?
Getting better at Derby is what keeps me coming back for more. Also, getting those points - those glorious points! Learning new stuff is important. Being the underdog - winning is always the cherry on top.
What is your most embarrassing derby moment?
Too many to hash out just one.
What is your proudest derby moment?
When I saw that email that notified me that Dutchland broke into DNN's top 25 Power Rankings!
Got any injury stories?
If i weren't injured, then that'd be a story! Some of my highlights are: A torn meniscus, small ACL tear, strained LCL and MCL, severely sprained ankle, spine and pelvic contusion, nerve damage, broken nose. Along with the everyday malaise of a full-contact athlete.
Impress us with your skating skills…
I can go left and right at break neck speeds, more F1 than NASCAR. More chaos than purdy.
Derby props?
Skates: Riedell 126 (rs-1000) can’t get rid of ’em, Bont Derby Carbon Pro (Outdoor), but soon to switch to Antik AR-1 (just a waiting on them to arrive)
Wheels: Powerdyne Reactor, Sure Grip XK4 (outdoor), Heartless wheel assortments, Swiss Bones, jam plugs
Protective Gear: crash protection: Protec lid and elbow pads, Smith Scabs knees and gaskets, Pro Design wristguards, custom "I heart refs" mouthguard from Gladiator, and a tough skin!
Must-Haves: Cardio, food, water, oxygen and a good lawyer.
Send out some heart-felt derby love to your peeps…
Everyday: Chris, love, fun, coffee, good workouts, Mr. Man, Chris’ cooking.
Dear fans - cheer loud it makes us skate faster!!!!