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O’Chit #2

She’s silent but deadly…

First Bout?
Home bout: 2008 Barn Razors vs. Distel Finks
Away bout: October 5, 2008 - Dutchland vs. H.A.R.D.
Best position?
I think I make a better blocker than a jammer.
What brought you to DDR?
I originally wanted to do artwork for the flyers, then watched one practice and realized, program flyers and posters were just not enough for me…
What keeps your wheels turning?
My lovely Derby sisters, I love them with all of my skates!!
What is your most embarrassing Derby moment?
False starting at a bout… man that really does suck!
What is your proudest Derby moment?
Winning our 2008 League Championship with my Barn Razors
Got any injury stories?
I was at Black Eyed Susan’s Drills & Spills playing with the boys (yes boys play Roller Derby too), and got slammed into when I wasn’t paying attention and had a nasty shoulder injury.
Derby Props?
Skates: Riedell 265s with powerdyne aluminum light-weight plates
Wheels: Fugative pushers, and hot pink Tuners
Protective Gear: Scabs all ’round, except for the wrist guards, gotta get new wrist guards. I’ll update that soon.
Must haves: More fishnets, socks, and a new helmet! And you can NEVER have enough booty shorts!! Shiney hiney all the way!
Send out some heart-felt Derby love to your peeps…
First and foremost, my Dutchland ladies I love you all so much, you’re much more than my teamates, you’re my family! Also to my girlfriend Skid Ho (MDRV skater) I love you honey! To my parents for cheering me on at every bout! Wilmington City Ruff Rollers, you ladies are killer, I love the signs you give us! Flying Dog (my employer) you may not be Roller Derby but you sponsor teams and you make kick-ass-beer!

Also a big shout out to the Philly Roller Girls, Black Eyed Susan ladies, Suffragette Cindy & Tasty Claire — you’re amazing announcers! Who could ever forget Click Dasterdly, Mr. Spawna, Mr. Twisted Scizzors, Brendees, and to my lovely ThoroughBled who retired from Dutchland to play for the Charm City Roller Girls — WE MISS YOU!!!