Rugby the Wrong Way #3

Rugby the Wrong Way

Photo by Cape Mayhem

FOOD. And exercising.
What inspired you to join Dutchland?
I love being part of a team and playing contact sports. After coming to watch a game I had to try out.
What are you most excited for with DDR?
I'm excited for my first game and the chance to get better.
What are you most nervous for?
Playing in front of a crowd seems terrifying.
What inspired your derby name and number?
My name is inspired by my first love of contact sports - Rugby. As well as a fun play on words ;)
What do you do outside of roller derby?
Outside of derby I work as a professional nerd, fixing computers. For fun I enjoy hiking, cycling, swimming, dancing any chance I get, and spending time with my familia.
How long have you known how to skate?
I believe I had a pair of quad skates when I was 5 years old. As well as those sweet blue and yellow Fisher-Price skates that attach to your shoes. After that, I've roller bladed my entire life. I love to be on wheels.
What is your favorite song to work out to?
If I'm skating - Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun. Feels like it makes me skate buttery smooth.
Where is your favorite place to visit?
I'm in my happy place being outdoors, especially hiking in the woods.
Where do you hope to be with Dutchland by this time next year?
My goal is to be on Blitz or All-Stars. Really I just want to play derby.