Rum N. Choke #123 Floor

“Smooth to the taste but burns going down.”

When did you join?
I joined in the first group of tots in December, 2006.
First Bout?
March 14, 2007 - Slamrock
Best Position?
What brought you to DDR?
I read about the exhibition bout in the newspaper and once I saw it I knew I wanted to join.
What keeps your wheels turning?
Well it certainly isn’t the late night practices so it must be everything else. It keeps me active and in shape, I’ve met a lot of awesome girls, we travel, helping out the community, and skating with sticky girls in booty shorts.
What is your most embarrassing derby moment?
I wasn’t really embarrassing but tearing my PCL at an open skate because I did a double knee fall without pads.
What is your proudest derby moment?
Every time I step out onto the jammer line or see the Derby Boys I’m proud.
DDR Awards/ Fan Favorite Awards?
I got MVP once from the Derby Boys.
Got any injury stories?
My PCL as written above and I did something to my shoulder that I don’t think will ever heal which is why you see me wearing a shoulder protector.
Derby props?
Skates: Riedell 629
Wheels: Devil Rays and Pushers
Protective Gear: S-One helmet, Scabs pads
Must-Haves: Derby Skinz
Send out some heart-felt derby love to your peeps.
I’ve gotta say thank you to the Derby Boys for all of their support, to my family and friends for coming out to the bouts, Jim Rhoades and Al Morrison for all of the photos. And to Josie Cuervo… don’t even know what to say… Dutchland just would be Dutchland without all the timeless efforts of this amazing lady.