Ruthless Ness #427

“Never take her kindness for a weakness.”

Join date?
March 2008
First bout?
Dutchland’s Championship bout Oct 2008
Best position?
Jammer / Blocker 2
What brought you to DDR?
They friend requested me on myspace a few years before I decided to join and had my attention from the very moment. I loved the fact that they donated their proceeds to great causes and were so tough at the same time. It was the best decision I ever made coming to their recruitment. I felt the empowerment it gives me from the moment I put on a pair of skates.
What keeps your wheels turning?
The feeling I get when I’m getting geared up… my children’s proud faces when they see me skate… all the BEST FRIENDS I’ve made… and the will to never give up!
What is your most embarrassing derby moment?
Um… eh hmm! Its to embarrassing! I will just say there are no strings attached! Haha… inside joke. ;)
What is your proudest derby moment?
Every time I come off from a jam and my teammates tell me “That was awesome Ness!” (knowing they did the hardest part). I dedicate each MVP I’ve received to them! :)
DDR awards/ Fan Favorite awards?
1st season ’08: Fan Favorites-Rookie Of The Year & Goodie Clean Skates
2nd season ’09: 1 Derbyboys Bout MVP & 1 Blitz Bout MVP
3rd season ’10: 3 Blitz Bout MVP’s & 1 Guest Skater MVP
Also voted by Blitz for Slippiest Minx.
Got any injury stories?
I’ve had my ankle and whole shin rolled over… spraining my ankle. Badly bruised tail bone. Left inguinal hernia surgery.
Impress us with your skating skillz…
Go fast, skate hard, never give up!
Derby props?
Skates: Reidells
Wheels: Atom Trackers
Protective Gear: Skabs pads and Giro helmet
Must-Haves: Chapstick, lots of water!
Send out some heartfelt derby love to your peeps…
Thank you to anyone and everyone that supports derby it means everything to each of us. Thank you to our amazing coach, referrees, NSO’s, and support staff. And to any girl out there aspiring to be a derby gal… I say DO IT! Much derby love! <3