Schmid Vicious #77

Schmid Vicious

Photo by f/stop #1031

When did you start playing Roller Derby?
I tried out July 2015
What positions do you normally play/like to play?
I love blocking and pivoting, I hate to admit it, but I have had some fun as a Jammer too.
What do you love about Roller Derby?
Way too much to list but I love the athleticism & camaraderie the most. When you think of Roller Derby, you don’t necessarily think of all the time these women put into their sport, how many hours go into practices each week, how many falls it took to get something right. We push our bodies to its limits & then some, for the love our sport and teams, and we wouldn’t change it for the world. The women in our league have been some of the best people I’ve met too. The hits, gotta love the hitting too!
Favorite Roller Derby moment?
I have 3. Passing my assessments, being awarded Blocker MVP in my first bout at Battle of The Freshies, and seeing the girls I started with progress into amazing skaters and teammates.
Most embarrassing Roller Derby moment?
My very first injury, on and off of skates mind you. During our tryouts the coaches wanted to assess timed laps. I took no less than 3 steps into my start and my legs decided to do their own thing, leading to a partial tear of my MCL. The coaches see newer skaters fall a ton so they just rooted me on to get back up and try again, in my head I was screaming from pain, but I got back up and continued on. (Learn from my mistakes and never skate through an injury, it’s not worth the risk of further injury.)
What is one piece of advice you could give to newer girls or those who are thinking about joining Roller Derby?
To the newer girls, stay positive and have fun with it. To anyone on the fence about joining a league--DO IT! You will not regret it. The fun you’ll have learning, exercising and meeting new friends is priceless.
What is one thing that Roller Derby/Dutchland helped you achieve?
The confidence to try new things on skates regardless of how hard it may seem.
What has Roller Derby taught you?
It’s taught me that it’s okay to speak up if you’re injured, so many times you see people hide a small injury in fear of being judged, it’s a silly fear but happens all the time in many sports. It’s also taught me that it’s okay to fall and make a fool of yourself.
Anything you'd like to say to your adoring fans?
To my peanut gallery, thank you all so much!