Schmid Vicious #77

Schmid Vicious

Photo by Dunna Vetta

When did you start playing Roller Derby?
I tried out July 2015
What positions do you normally play/like to play?
I mostly block/pivot, but I enjoy jamming every now and again.
What do you love about Roller Derby?
The camaraderie and support within the community.
What do you love about Dutchland?
Everything. I especially enjoy what Dutchland does for our community and local charitable organizations.
What motivated you to run for captain this season?
I wanted a challenge that exceeded my boundaries as a skater in a way that could benefit the team in a positive way. Through captaining, I saw my teammates in a different light and began to appreciate and celebrate the aspects that makes them unique as a member of the team. I am constantly inspired to be a better person and skater because of every single one of them.
What are some of your favorite moments from the 2018 season?
Watching the personal growth of newer skaters playing on the All-Stars for their first season.
What advice would give to people who are new to the sport or who are thinking of joining?
If you’re interested in joining -- Do it. Leave all your worries aside and take a leap of faith, you won’t regret it. If you’re new, keep at it and always challenge yourself! Figure out your strengths and weaknesses and play to them.
Anything you would like to say to your team/ league mates?
Shout out to my team -- Thank you for allowing me to take one of the best opportunities I have had in Derby!