Stompin’ Lizzy Stanton #19th Amendment

She doesn’t have to wear pants to show you who’s boss…

Blocker/ Pivot
Picket Signs
Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s (1815–1902) spirit lives on in this 30-something year old body.
Favorite Colors?
The colors of my skates.
Favorite Bands?
They Might Be Giants, Jimmy Eat World, Pearl Jam & my local bands ~ Sadaharu, Movies with Heroes, Calloused Hearts & Slim Fit
Empowerment of women and slamming them around too.
Men who think they are superior.
“I don’t have to wear pants to show you whose boss.”
Important Facts About Yourself?
When I’m on skates, I’m not as nice as I look!
Greatest Accomplishment
Elizabeth Cady Stanton is my hero, she had 7 children and fought for Women’s rights. She was the author of speeches delivered by Susan B. Anthony and was a founder and president of the National Women’s Suffrage Association. If I can skate half as good as she could lead, well, that would be an accomplishment!