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  • Mariah Scary (Head NSO)
  • Michael Mitton
  • Sassy Lil' E.M.Tease
  • Stun N'Stitches

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The Spanish Incollision #1834

Torturing the godless since the middle ages, nobody expects the Spanish Incollision.

First Bout?
Best Position?
What brought you to DDR?
I had the pleasure of attending a few bouts in 2007, and was friends with Mary That Motha, OH GOD and Bunny McBones, and couldn’t wait to sign up.
What keeps your wheels turning?
The league members are amazing people who have really become an important support for me, and their support and strength keeps me energized to keep rolling.
What is your most embarrassing derby moment?
None embarrassing enough to make an imprint, yet anyway!
What is your proudest derby moment?
Every time I get on the track and don’t hurt myself I’m pretty proud.
Got any injury stories?
The day after the season opener of 2008 (March 30, 2008), during a practice of only three people, I managed to tear my PCL in my right knee and had to stay off skates for three months.
Impress us with your skating skills…
I don’t fall as easily as many would first assume.
Derby props?
Skates: Riedell R3 — First pair I bought and hopefully will last for a little while longer
Wheels: Hyper Whitewaters
Protective Gear: Scabs
Must-Haves: Tape, hip/tailbone padding