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ThoroughBled #12


She’s chompin’ at the bit to take the lead.

First Bout?
Best position?
Blocker before Jammer
What brought you to DDR?
I went to the championships in 2007, and I fell in love with Fujiyama Mama, and White Thrash from the Hex Offenders. I knew I wanted to be a Hex Offender, so I talked with Torque Wench and tried out at the next tryouts held. Eventually I made it onto the Hex Offenders.
What keeps your wheels turning?
My powerful legs… and having my girls watch me, growing up knowing they can be whoever they want to be.
What is your most embarrassing Derby moment?
Well it was at the season opener, where it was my first bout where I was going to jam. I was taken out early on with a helmet to the head. I am stronger than this but it just took me out of the game. Sure, I did a couple of jams, but I was pretty out of it after that hit.
What is your proudest Derby moment?
Just hearing girls tell me I hit hard and they fear me, that makes me just play stronger and more aggressive.
DDR Awards/ Fan Favorite Awards?
2008 Fan Favorite for “Penalty Princess” and I’m so proud of it!
Got any injury stories?
Nothing serious… just a blow to the head I got which sent me to the box with a major… hmmmmm…
Impress us with your skating skills…
I’m fast, strong and agile… so I’m told… hahaha! I love hearing I hit like a Mack Truck!
Derby Props?
Skates: Riedell R3 — I have 2… Reidell the low cut boot and Sure Grips
Wheels: Red Power Plus, G-Rods and Speed Rays
Protective Gear: All the normal gear
Must haves: DUCT TAPE! It fixes everything and keeps it all in place.
Send out some heart-felt Derby love to your peeps…
When ya cheer me on it make me skate stonger and harder. Thank you for the support and remember, fear makes you hesitate, and when ya hesitate it makes your worse fears come true!