Treasure Chest #777

Not all Treasure is Silver & Gold

First Bout?
Exhibition bout November 2006
Best Position?
Blocker in the back
What brought you to DDR?
My friend, "Mo Pain," from the Philly Roller Girls, told me about women’s roller derby, and suggested that a league should start here in Lancaster. I did a few internet searches, and found a myspace page for Lancaster Roller Derby. I then found Josie Cuervo and retired skater, Betty Clocker, who were looking to create derby in Lancaster, and we started skating together at open skates. The rest is history!
What keeps your wheels turning?
Mr. Chest, my "Derby Wife" Fujiyama Mama, love of Derby, love of Dutchland, and entertaining our fans!
What is your most embarrassing derby moment?
Hillbilly putting the ol’ Treasure Chest in parentheses instead of the proper C’s (written on my arms for each bout), which identified me as the Team Captain. Ask me if you need more details!
What is your proudest derby moment?
I am filled with pride each and every time I enter the track with my All-Stars. Knocking an opponent to the ground is pretty great too.
Got any injury stories?
I inflict, I do not succumb.
Derby props?
Skates: Riedells
Wheels: Flat outs
Protective Gear: Scabs Knee and Elbows, Bell Helmet, Pro Tec Wristguards, mouthguard.
Must-Haves: Hockey Tape & Hillbilly Hellcat!!