Whip Stitch #111

“Snitches get stitches”

Join Date?
October 2010
First bout?
Charm City Female Trouble bout 11-20-10
Best position?
Blocker 1 and aspiring jammer
What brought you to DDR?
I watched the movie Whip It without any previous derby knowledge. So that sparked my interested. Then as a birthday surprise I watched my first [Dutchland Bout on May 15]](/bout-recaps/2010/may-15). I have been hooked ever since.
What keeps your wheels turning?
The motivation that comes from working alongside of strong women.
What is your most embarrassing derby moment?
The amount of time it took me to answer these questions. Ha ha… probably the amount of time I ended up using rental skates.
What is your proudest derby moment?
My children cheering for me at my first bout.
Got any injury stories?
Strained my hamstring and pulled my MCLs in both knees. When I finally broke down and saw a physical therapist for each, my legs felt better than before my injuries, and I realized how to skate better—and better for my body.
Impress us with your skating skillz…
If I fall I can usually “bounce” back up.
Derby Props?
Skates: Reidell R3's
Wheels: Currently using flat outs.
Protective Gear: Pro Tech- knee pads, Air speed Elbow pads, Rollerblade wrist guards
Must-Haves: Two sets of laces in each skate… huge difference.