White Winged Shove #000

White Winged Shove

Photo by Andrew Keyes

Something about the way she skates is hauntingly familiar.

When did you start playing Roller Derby?
July 17, 2011
What positions do you normally play/like to play?
I normally play blocker, but I enjoy playing pivot and occasionally jamming.
What do you love about Roller Derby?
Roller derby has given me a love for fitness. So that I could improve my gameplay I began running and working out outside of practice and it’s opened up fun adventures for me.
What do you love about Dutchland?
I love the people I’ve met. Thanks to the friends I’ve made at Dutchland I have a new job, a better place to live, musical opportunities, and tons of memories!
Favorite Roller Derby moment?
I was lined up at scrimmage ready to block, and my derby wife Mama Moscato was jamming against my team. She started singing Britney Spears “Work” to distract me and it worked, I couldn’t stop laughing!
What is one piece of advice you could give to newer girls or those who are thinking about joining Roller Derby?
Invest in good knee pads, ice packs, and ibuprofen.
Most embarrassing Roller Derby moment?
I’ve rolled out to start a jam and fell over before the whistle blew.
What is one thing that Roller Derby/Dutchland helped you achieve?
It’s really helped me be comfortable with myself and more confident.
What has Roller Derby taught you?
If you work hard enough, it will eventually pay off.
Anything you'd like to say to your adoring fans?
Thanks for cheering me on <3