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Amelia Dareheart

Amelia Dareheart

Photo by Rebeca Thomas

How long have you been involved in derby?
Fan since May 2012; Official since August 2012
How many bouts have you officiated in to date?
Equipment of choice?
A sturdy clipboard, Fox 40 whistle, & fingerless gloves for form, function & fashion!
Cats, Tim Burton, Amanda Palmer, Grace, Mountain Dew Pitch Black, the smell of the greasepaint & the roar of the crowd.
A full penalty box, holes in my socks, empty Doritos bags, & the cold.
Most memorable moment?
At the DDR vs Pennsylvillains bout, when some of the scheduled NSOs got stuck behind a car fire on the highway, I stepped up to Penalty Wrangle for the first time at 20 minutes before the first whistle. I was honored by the faith the Head Ref had in me & I loved the experience!
Non-Skating Official (NSO), Dutchland Derby Rollers 2012 - present