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“Big” Buster Willow #1977

Big Buster Willow
How long have you been involved in derby?
Since July 2010. My wife saw a T-Shirt and we found Dutchland online. Contacted Josie Cuervo and the rest is history.
First bout?
Skating TBD, as an NSO 9/11/2010 vs Providence.
How many bouts have you reffed in to date?
4 as an NSO
Equipment of choice?
Riedell 265's w/Radar Speed Rays 93a and Qube 8 Ball Bearings
David Lynch, Brewing Beer, Philadelphia Sports, Derby, Travel, Treasure Chest’s Cackle after she lays someone out.
Whoever sings that stupid Fire Flies song, Dallas Cowboys, Ham Loaf
Most memorable moment?
Blitz vs. Diamond State in July. It was the first DDR bout I attended as a spectator. Ruthless Ness' skating the last jam blowing kisses to the Diamond State bench with the victory already in place. They got so mad, it made me love the sport even more.
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