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Gin N Bare It

How long have you been involved in derby?
As a spectator, since Sept 2010. As an active participant, since October 2011 with H.A.R.D., then transferred to Dutchland in October 2012.
First bout?
SVRG v Iron Mountain in April 2012
How many bouts have you officiated in to date?
Refereed in only 7 bouts and NSO’d in 18 bouts to date. My mantra is have gear, will travel. Practice and experience are invaluable. Since coming back from a broken ankle, a goal is to participate in the sport somewhere, doing anything, every weekend.
Equipment of choice?
Skates: Riedell 495’s / Avenger plates
Wheels: Atom Poison and Radar Stingray wheels
Gin, of course! Sushi. Tattoos. The passion, athleticism, dedication, determination, and on-going drive of EVERYONE who participates in this sport….on their own dime and time.
Most memorable moment?
The realization that both my wife and I really dig roller derby, and each of us committing to the opportunity to become a part of the derby-verse and enjoy something together at a time when we personally really needed that. I think it sort of saved us, and in a goofy way continually ‘maintains’ us with each practice, each event, and each bout we work or attend.
North East Derby Convention referee clinics - May 2012
ECDX ’12 WFTDA Officiating Clinic - June 2012
North East Derby Convention skater and referee clinics - May 2013
ECDX ’13 WFTDA Officiating Clinic - June 2013