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Mutha Medusa #13

Her evil stare will turn your flesh to stone.

When did you join?
What was your first bout?
2006 Exhibition Bout — Harvest Moonshiner’s want a rematch!
What is your best position?
Right now, I’m reffing but I can booty check with the best of them!
What brought you to DDR?
I was at a Ministry concert and saw a friend from High School there. I knew she was on a Roller Derby league in Philly and she mentioned to me about a new league in lil-ol’ Lancaster. I thought, how cool is that! Saw the Bar Fly ad in June of 2006 and joined June 28th, 2006. It’s been quite the adventure!
What keeps your wheels turning?
My family keeps me going first and foremost. I want my daughters to look at pictures when they’re older and know that their mom rocked out in skates and did anything she put her mind to. I want to be an example to my kids that will make them proud to be strong women themselves! Secondly, my girls on the league. They have been the best support of anything I’ve wanted to do over the past 3 years. They’ve seen me through some hard times and wonderous times and I know in my heart my wheels belong in the pack, rather than outside the pack.
What is your most embarrassing derby moment?
Well lets see, I do a lot of stupid stuff. Most of it I’ve done off skates and during other aspects of DDR I’m a part of. While showing up to a meeting I’m sitting waiting for our evening to start when Miss Surly brought attention to my one LARGE flip-flop I was wearing. Yes, that year, I bought my husband and I matching flip-flops and well, I was in such a rush that I grabbed one of his and one of mine. Not to mention both flip-flops were for the right foot too. Wow… that’s when I know I need to slow down!
What is your proudest derby moment?
My proudest moment was when I birthed my second child in 2008. Throughout my entire pregnancy I had the support of the girls on the league. They through me the best baby shower ever and surprised me of all people who is never surprised! Everyone came to the hospital in support of our new addition to our household. I had 14–20 people in my room all at once the evening after Amelia was born. You don’t quite get the grasp of a Derby family till you have a kid. Oh my, I felt like my family grew exponentially that day!
Got any injury stories?
Nothing to report serious. Just a few pulls, minor bruising. Hope it stays that way.
Derby props?
Skates: Riedell 122
Wheels: Baby Blue Radar Speedrays
Protective Gear: Scabs Pads, knee and elbow, horshoes and some my first wrist guards I bought at Target
Must-Haves: Lycra and LOTS OF IT!
Send out some heart-felt derby love to your peeps…
As a women I’ve grown quite a bit over the past 3 years. Being around such a diverse group of friends really has opened my eyes to so many things other than skating. Dutchland will forever have a place in my heart and am thankful every day to have found this league. They are my family and I’m with Dutchland for LIFE!