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Thistle B. Painful

Thistle B. Painful
Any special inspirations for your name?
Thistle B. Painful, so named because I've got Scottish heritage, and thistles are a national symbol of Scotland. Oh, and I like purple.
As a ref, Roller Derby Elite Factor 1s with an Avenger plate, Atom Boom or Reckless Morph wheels. As an NSO, Oslo stopwatches and sometimes a scuba diving wrist slate when I penalty wrangle. I use a Fox 40 Classic whistle in both cases.
What brought you to Dutchland?
I moved to Lancaster the previous fall and was checking out stuff in the area, so I saw a poster and went to the June 2013 doubleheader. I started in August, screwed up my ankle right after New Year's, and eventually went over to the officials to NSO and stay involved as I healed up. I've stayed there ever since.
Baking, board games, sci fi, Diet Mountain Dew, puns and sarcasm, skaters wearing number armbands, scuba diving, bagpipes.
Drama llamas, numerous penalties at once, hot venues in summer, coffee, non-high-contrast numbers, being a jam timer during lengthy official reviews.
Favorite thing about Roller Derby?
The people, and the sense of community and camaraderie, especially among traveling/tournament officials.
Most Memorable moments?
My first NSO (April 2014) and ref (September 2015) games at Dutchland, because of the confidence placed in me by DDR's head officials. Reffing challenge games at ECDX 2015 with some high level refs watching, including jammer refereeing for BuxMont vs Gotham Diamond District (with a lofty 2 times at JR in scrimmage to my credit). NSOing at River Valley Riot 2014, where in my very first tournament I went a little overboard, worked every game, and got to work the penalty box alongside the dream team of Stabby McNeedles and Screama Donna.
What is one piece of advice you could give to newer referees, NSOs, or anyone else thinking about joining Roller Derby?
Officiating is an equally valid derby path that's often downplayed: we always need more good NSOs and refs, and it may be more flexible towards various abilities, levels of free time, and goals/desires.
Anything you’d like to say about Roller Derby?
Do it! Just do it!