The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) creates a formal set of rules that govern the sport of flat track roller derby. Yea, they’re pretty complex, we know! If you’d like a quick introduction to the sport, the WFTDA produced a video available on YouTube titled Roller Derby 101: Gameplay

You can also visit the official WFTDA website for a summary of the game and more specific rules here.


A closed bout is a WFTDA sanctioned game that counts for international rankings, however, it is closed to the public. Even though we love our fans and they keep us going in more ways than you know, sometimes we have an opportunity to play a team and cannot financially manage to host a full-production game.

We will do our best to keep our fans up on all of our bouting action, public or not. You are always able to view the awesome photos taken by Jim Rhoades here.

Bout tickets will be available online and at the door as the season gets closer. Keep an eye on our website for ticket sales!

A track-side seat will be provided. Get in on the action and get sprayed by actual sweat and blood as the skaters wipe out in front of you!

Everyone must purchase a VIP ticket for VIP seating. The “10 and under free admission” applies to General Admission Tickets only.

No seating is provided; however, you may sit track-side on the floor, stand behind the wall, or bring your own chair to set up on the provided track-side mat.

YES! Both the Dutchland Derby Rollers (for tickets and merchandise) as well as The Overlook Activities Center (for concessions) accepts credit cards.